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FTTH planning as a white-label-service for international ISPs, IT-Providers and Consultants

Since gridlux has calculated the first rough plans (See our customer interview here (in German)), we have permanently improved the product. More speed, helpful features and better usability. Now we want to give more Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Telecoms, Public Private Partnerships and Communities access to our ai-based tool.

First things first: This is gridlux

What does gridlux do?
We help ISPs and Telecoms with speedrocketing their planning efforts in building Fiber-to-the-home (or to the building) infrastructure.

Our tool helps to evaluate the most cost-efficient network to reach all the addresses in your target-group. Even better: gridlux helps you to decide where to start digging trenches. That’s especially helpful when you’re targeting thousands of address-points.
In the image below you see the interface of our online-tool that anyone can use after a few minutes. You see one blue and two orange areas. gridlux calculated relevant data points that help you to evaluate where to start: number of address-points, length of paths/trenches, avg. length to the building. In Germany we calculated over 1 million addresses and helped Telecoms to speedrocketing their planning efforts in building FTTH infrastructure.

Online FTTx-Planungstool

What gridlux can’t do:

  • Detailed planning, used by civil engineering companies for building the network.
  • Calculation of above-ground lines.
  • Calculation of isolated and widely distributed addresses (the more addresses per area, the better).

Why we’re looking for partners

In Germany, we are holding talks with large IT companies and planning service providers who want to use the core of gridlux. This core can be embedded in their own systems via an interface (gridlux as a service). A great way for solution providers to easily expand their product portfolio.

For this way we are looking for national partners worldwide. We currently focus on the USA, UK and Poland, but are open for all inquiries.

Which partners we are looking for
Market experts with customers who are planning FTTH and want to speed up the planning process.

gridlux has agreements with German data suppliers. These are e.g. address data which we need to perform the calculations. We have no agreements in other countries. Maybe this is not necessary because of OpenData strategies of different countries. Or potential partners already have the relevant data with licences. Questions we want to work on together with you.

Together we look at scenarios that are profitable for all parties involved. This also includes any technical adjustments and legal issues which need to be clarified. We see our internationalization strategy as a joint innovation.

gridlux has successfully carried out rough planning for FTTH in various sizes and helped the companies to save lots of time and money: Few localities with a few hundred addresses, as well as large projects with over one million address points.

Are you taking the next steps with us to accelerate the expansion of fibre optics worldwide? Drop Lukasz an e-mail ( or connect via LinkedIN.

Download our brochure here.

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